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April 02, 2019

Free District Opportunity: Build Teacher Capacity with NIET Iowa Instructional Framework

Register by April 15 to start implementation in fall 2019

joni readout classroom
Master Teacher Joni Readout, Central Decatur Community School District, Iowa

How to Opt In to the Iowa Instructional Framework 

Iowa has selected an instructional framework for statewide use to help schools develop a common language on what excellent teaching looks like and build teacher capacity. Beginning in the 2019 school year, districts can opt in, on a free and voluntary basis, to use the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) Iowa Instructional Framework System.

Register by April 15 by contacting Lora Rasey at the Iowa Department of Education at 515-725-0648 or

Implementation begins in fall 2019, with the capacity for 100 districts to participate.

For more information about the NIET Iowa Instructional Framework System, download the one-pager.

left quoteNIET has provided a framework for what effective teaching should look and sound like. Through such incredible, reflective practices, teachers are always thinking about the impact their instruction is having on student achievement.”

Chris Coffelt, Superintendent, Central Decatur Community School District, Iowa

Why Do We Need This?

An instructional framework creates a common language and vision for effective, high-quality teaching across an entire school district. Last year, when the state surveyed districts, roughly 40% were using a framework already, demonstrating the need for greater usage of instructional frameworks across the state.

If districts are already using a framework, they may continue to use the one they selected, or they may transition to the state-sponsored framework at this point.

NIET’s research-based instructional framework is built around four domains of practice (instruction, planning, environment and professionalism) with specific indicators for each, creating a framework for teacher practices and feedback, and guidance for professional growth.

By utilizing an instructional framework, schools create consistency in the coaching teachers receive—and they support teachers as instructional leaders.

Benefits for Districts

Free and easy to use: The resource is no cost to districts, and NIET provides training and support for participating schools.

Increase teacher retention: In a 2018 survey across 8 states, 85% of principals said NIET's support helped retain effective teachers at their school.

Build teacher leadership: Schools that share a common definition of effective teaching are well-positioned to maximize the impact of teacher leaders, who can coach their peers and better identify areas of strength and growth for improvement.

Online tools: Participation comes with access to materials and video modules to build educator effectiveness in line with the instructional framework.

For more information about the NIET Iowa Instructional Framework System, download the one-pager.