Best Practices for Louisiana Schools Training

May 27 - Jul 29, 2021

The Louisiana Department of Education partnered with NIET to offer 2021-22 Best Practices for Louisiana Schools training. The opportunity has supported schools in leveraging five essential components that drive professional and student growth:

  • Instructional Leadership Teams
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Teacher and Learning Standards
  • Principal Standards
  • Career Pipeline

Each school had the opportunity to send up to five participants to the virtual training sessions. In-person options were available for select trainings, if preferred, on a first-come, first-served basis.

View the flyer for a brief description of the trainings and services.

View the training schedule.

The training required:

  1. Training session(s) around the selected components.
  2. Purchase and use of an online professional learning content library portal with videos and resources (EE PASS).

An additional requirement for all CIR schools (and optional for all other schools) includeded:

  1. Two days of on-site and/or virtual coaching as a follow-up support to the training session(s).          

Contacts for this training were Davita Lancelin ( and Patrice Pujol (  

Download the 2021-22 Best Practices for Louisiana Schools Flyer.