The Untapped Potential of the Principal Supervisor

Apr 13, 2021

Online, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CT

Effective principals can significantly accelerate student learning. Recent research demonstrates how: primarily, through strong instructional leadership skills and the ability to coach and improve the capacity of others. But who helps principals to improve? Principal supervisors are increasingly being seen as an important resource in coaching principals – but often their role is not effectively leveraged to support school leaders and drive districtwide improvement.

NIET hosted a panel discussion to examine how principal supervisors can strengthen principals’ abilities to:

  1. Provide high-impact instructional support to teachers.
  2. Develop the leadership capacity of others, including teacher leaders, to create a collaborative learning environment and an equitable education for all students.

Watch the recording here and below.

Using findings from NIET's new report "The Untapped Potential of the Principal Supervisor: How Support for School Leaders Should Change," the discussion highlights strategies principal supervisors can use to maximize their effectiveness, and in turn, maximize the effectiveness of principals.

The panel features:

  • NIET CEO Dr. Candice McQueen and Educational Leadership Magazine Editor Anthony Rebora, Moderators
  • Dr. Jason Grissom, Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy and Education, Vanderbilt University
  • Hayward Jean, Director of Student Services, Orangeburg County School District, South Carolina
  • Star Hardimon, Principal, Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, Perry Township Schools, Indiana
  • Malekah Salim-Morgan, Deputy Assistant Superintendent of School Improvement, Louisiana Department of Education

For more information, read NIET's three-part Empowering Principal series and Dr. McQueen's April 2021 article in ASCD's Educational Leadership magazine, "Follow the Instructional Leader."

Dr. Candice  McQueen

Dr. Candice McQueen

Dr. Candice McQueen is the chief executive officer of NIET, leading the organization’s vision-setting, strategy, and partnership development. Candice has grown the organization by 50% in her first two years at NIET.
 Anthony  Rebora

Anthony Rebora

Anthony Rebora is editor of ASCD's Educational Leadership magazine. Previously, he had served as managing editor of Education Week Teacher and assistant managing editor of Education Week since 2007.
Dr.  Cade  Brumley

Dr. Cade Brumley

Louisiana State Superintendent Dr. Brumley is a product of public education who has invested his entire professional career into improving the lives of Louisiana children. He has served students as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, district leader, and superintendent.
Dr.  Jason  Grissom

Dr. Jason Grissom

Dr. Jason Grissom is faculty director of the Tennessee Education Research Alliance and Patricia Rodes Hart Professor of Public Policy and Education at Vanderbilt University.
 Star  Hardimon

Star Hardimon

As principal of Douglas MacArthur Elementary in Perry Township Schools, Indianapolis, Star Hardimon has led the school to an "A" rating by the state for several years.
 Hayward  Jean

Hayward Jean

Director of Services Hayward Renel Jean came to the Orangeburg County School District from Mellichamp Elementary, where he made history with his team of teachers and students.