John White

John White was named Louisiana State Superintendent of Education in January of 2012. That year, White launched Louisiana Believes, the state’s plan to ensure every child is on track for college or a professional career. In the time since, White has worked to unify the state’s fragmented early childhood system, to modernize expectations for students, to empower teachers, to guarantee economic opportunity for high school graduates and to provide families with expansive school options. Since 2011, Louisiana’s high school graduation rate has risen by 3.2 percentage points. Roughly 6,300 more graduates annually achieve a college-going ACT score than did in 2011. Louisiana is now the nation’s fastest-improving state on Advanced Placement tests, increasing the number of students earning passing scores by 89 percent in that time. The number of students entering college has grown by more than 3,100 — a 16 percent increase. White previously served as Executive Director of Teach For America – Chicago and Teach For America – New Jersey. White began his career as an English teacher at William L. Dickinson High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. White received a bachelor’s degree in English with distinction from
the University of Virginia and a master’s in Public Administration from New York University. White serves as chairman of the independent non-profit advocacy organization Chiefs for Change.

 John  White