Laura Roussel

Supervisor of Elementary Education, Ascension Public Schools, Louisiana

Laura Roussel is the supervisor of elementary education for Ascension Public Schools, Louisiana. Roussel started her career as a classroom teacher, and has worked as a district-level teacher coach and a TAP master teacher in Ascension Public Schools. After working as a TAP master teacher, Roussel worked as a state-based executive master teacher for the Louisiana Department of Education and as a district-based executive master teacher for Ascension Parish Schools. During this time, Roussel also took on a position in Ascension Parish where she worked specifically with principals as a coach and support partner. Roussel has also worked for NIET as a project director, leading the implementation of a federal grant for an innovative principal preparation program in partnership with Texas Tech University. 

 Laura  Roussel

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

Working alongside educators across the nation, in many different settings, to ensure that ALL kids have the greatest opportunity to learn and grow in their school is the reason I am most passionate about working at NIET. There is no better moment than when I am with a group of educators and our collective problem solving and new learning allows us to positively impact teaching and learning. It's that moment that makes this work so rewarding.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to slow down, put away the "to-do" list, and spend time with my family. Life is so busy and fast, so I use my free time to enjoy a cup of coffee a little longer, eat a great dinner a little slower, or arrive to the next place when I get there.