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2013 TSI Overview

The National Institute for Excellence in Teaching held its 2013 TAP Summer Institutes (TSIs) in the following locations:

Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, June 17 - Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana, on Monday, July 8 - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The 2013 TSIs offered in-depth training to TAP Leadership Teams nationwide—principals and master and mentor teachers—on how to systematically strengthen their skills and the effectiveness of their TAP implementation. Participants delved into and refined key TAP practices including:

  • Implementing clusters above proficient;
  • Incorporating the Common Core State Standards into the TAP system;
  • Presenting Common Core in the building (workshop);
  • Leading high-quality and impactful TAP Leadership Team meetings;
  • High-impact coaching;
  • Participating in leadership team long-range planning (workshop);
  • Planning for rubric cycle 1 (workshop);
  • Developing school goals (workshop); and
  • Participating in individual cluster, TAP Leadership Team and coaching opportunities (optional).

TSI programs for general and TAP CORE training participants are available on the TSI Program Page.