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For two decades, TAP™: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement has provided teachers with opportunities for career advancement, job-embedded professional growth, fair and rigorous evaluations and performance-based compensation. TAP is continually developing more powerful resources to support teachers in improving their skills and increasing student achievement.

One such resource is the EE PASS portal, an interactive tool designed to provide an overview of the TAP System and evaluation process along with videos, modules, trainings, and other documents and templates for TAP users to download and use.

The EE PASS Portal features:

1. Video Library - A searchable collection of more than 100 hours of professionally filmed classroom lessons and other TAP footage. HD videos are displayed in split screen for easy observation of both teacher and students.

2. Training Modules - Interactive and user-directed training experience based on the indicators of the TAP Rubric (Teaching Skills, Knowledge and Responsibilities Performance Standards) and other topics that can be used to enhance TAP expertise.

3. Strategies Library - More than 300 proven teacher- and student-centered strategies from teachers across the country. Each of the library’s more than 3,000 documents is thoroughly vetted by expert master teachers.

4. Summer Institute & Conference Trainings - Categorized and searchable presentations, video clips and associated materials from all TAP Summer Institute (TSI) and National TAP Conference training sessions.

5. Evaluation Process Tools - Comprehensive tools to assist in the implementation of TAP's integrated system of teacher evaluation and support.

6. Professional Development Resources - Specialized resources practitioners need to effectively implement TAP's system of ongoing, job-embedded, collaborative, student-centered expert-led professional development. Document Library system of ongoing, job embedded, collaborative, student-centered expert-led professional development.

7. Document Library - Easy-to-access publications including the TAP Implementation Manual, TAP Evaluation and Compensation (TEC) Guide and TAP Leadership Handbook.

To learn more, download the EE PASS flyer.

For more information, please call (310) 570-4860 or email