Corrie Callahan

Master Teacher

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

Perry Township, IN

Corrie Callahan is a master teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Perry Township, Indiana. Working alongside administrators, mentor teachers, and other master teachers, she uses student data and field-tested strategies to effectively coach educators in her building. This role also gives her the opportunity to observe and evaluate teacher practices and student outcomes. Through these observations, she supports teachers in the implementation of best practices that lead to greater student achievement.

Prior to her role as a master teacher, Corrie served as a mentor teacher on her school's leadership team. In this role, she advocated for teachers and students, using her real-time classroom experience as her platform. As a result, she actively seeks out ways to build the mentor role in her building, utilizing the voices of skilled teacher leaders who are currently serving in classrooms.

Corrie is passionate about differentiating for both teachers and students, ensuring everyone grows to their greatest potential. As a result, she now leads weekly professional development meetings for teachers of students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities where strategies are developed to support the unique instructional needs of students.

In 2018, Corrie's school district, Perry Township Schools, was honored with the NIET National Award of Excellence for Educator Effectiveness, and Abraham Lincoln Elementary was named a Founder's Award finalist.

 Corrie  Callahan