Vickie Carpenter

Assistant Superintendent

Perry Township Schools


Vickie Carpenter has served as the assistant superintendent of Perry Township Schools, Indiana, for the past 10 years. As the assistant superintendent of foundational learning, Vicky supervises multiple programs, spanning 11 elementary schools and four kindergarten academies (over 8,000 students), the special education program, the Title I, Title II and Title III programs, the English Learner Department and professional development programs. During this time, under her leadership, the district moved the focus and strategic plan goals to prioritize three areas: growing students, growing teachers and growing community partners. Prior to that time, she served as director of special programs. This included the supervision and support for the special education program, the Title I program and the English Learner program for Perry Township Schools. She began her administrative career in 2000 as the director of special education.

 Vickie  Carpenter