Jennifer Hazelwood

Senior Specialist, Louisiana

Jennifer Hazelwood, a current NIET senior specialist for Louisiana, worked in Jefferson Parish for 22 years before coming to NIET. In Jefferson, she was a homeroom teacher for 15 years in grades varying from first to sixth. Hazelwood became TAP master teacher at Clancy Elementary, then was the district-based executive master teacher for Jefferson to monitor TAP processes for seven of the 14 TAP schools in Jefferson. She then became an ELA school support specialist for Jefferson. Jennifer retired from the system and joined NIET in July 2018. She is glad to be working with NIET systems in wonderful schools around Louisiana.

 Jennifer  Hazelwood

What accomplishment are you most proud of through your work at NIET?

Through my work with NIET I am most proud of being able to work with so many different school districts throughout Louisiana in assisting them with their TAP processes. Forming relationships with my districts and having them know that they can rely on me for support has been something I have worked hard on this year, and feel that those relationships have grown.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend much of my free time teaching ballet to adults and children. I have taken ballet my whole life and enjoy the gracefulness of that style of dance. I have been teaching ballet from age 16 and actually opened my own studio with my cousin 21 years ago. It's a wonderful way to release stress and relax.