Lauren Waldow

Virtual and Learning Technology Services Systems Analyst

Lauren Waldow serves as virtual and learning technology services systems analyst for NIET. In this position, she assists with designing support documentation and tutorials, serves as a resource for internal and external training regarding virtual and learning platform contents and functionality, and provides technology support to partners, field staff, and NIET leadership. Her work involves supporting development and monitoring the quality of technology services for NIET virtual and learning platforms, ensuring that these systems are in congruence with NIET’s mission of building educator excellence to give all students the opportunity for success.

Previously, Lauren served as an elementary school district IT training coordinator, where she designed and led training sessions for all level users on various IT software and hardware, created a collection of how-to video tutorials and developed technical manuals and other procedures for cloud systems and applications. There, she helped implement a new learning management system for staff and administration, promoting an alternative professional development pathway for staff to learn how to use district tools and software through online courses. She also assisted in the development of a technology onboarding training procedure for new employees. 

Lauren earned her bachelor’s degree in art from Arizona State University in 2013. Her education led her to an internship with a local nonprofit organization, where she had the opportunity to design curriculum for community outreach programs and mentor students through the creation of art projects that explored how engagement in the creative process can serve as a positive form of expression. Through this, Lauren discovered a passion for teaching, and for using her technical and creative skills to make a positive impact in education.

 Lauren  Waldow

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

I am passionate about learning. To be able to provide support to educators on their path to excellence in providing a quality education to students aligns with my belief that in order to achieve success, we must always be open to learning.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject in school was art. I learned about the value of creativity and how to practice seeing other perspectives through the mediums of painting, ceramics and photography.