Dr. Randy Speck


Randy Speck joined as executive in residence in 2019 with the goal of expanding the reach of NIET’s work, relationships, and results throughout the Midwest. From the age of 15, Randy knew he wanted to be a school leader and has served as a school superintendent in both public and private schools in Michigan for 17 years. He has a deep background working in diverse student populations and communities and has been a part of school turnaround partnerships that resulted in schools being removed from priority districts.

Throughout his years of leadership, Randy has led a focused approach that placed students and their families at the center of strategic initiatives. He is an experienced educational leader who dreams of a day that schools are designed in a way in which education meets students where they are, where curriculum is aligned to high standards for students, where teachers are valued for the professionals they are, and educational leaders have a relentless urgency to see that every child has an opportunity to succeed. Recognized by Corp! Magazine as one of the Top Entrepreneurs in Michigan, Randy believes in the power of transforming communities through a transformation of education. Randy has a master's degree from Lipscomb University, an education specialist degree from Oakland University, and a Doctorate of Education from Gwynedd Mercy University. 

Dr. Randy  Speck

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

The mission and vision of NIET are aligned to my own values regarding what is important for our schools. Investing in teachers and the work they do leads to greater success for students, schools, and communities. When cities and towns see a commitment to teachers and schools, the overall community benefits. I am passionate about the opportunity to share the mission, vision, and commitment of NIET to more schools so more communities can see the results.

What was your favorite subject in school?

Studying U.S. History has been one of my most favorite subjects and that continues today, especially the time of the Revolutionary War. I have also enjoyed passing the love of that time period to my children who have a heart for experiential learning and "seeing" these amazing places where history unfolded.