Dr. Jennifer Tuttleton

Deputy Assistant Superintendent, Office of School System Relations

Louisiana Department of Education

Baton Rouge, LA

Dr. Jennifer Tuttleton joined the Louisiana Department of Education's team as executive director of talent pipeline in spring 2017. Jennifer works closely with executive team members on talent pipeline strategies, ensuring alignment and coherence across all initiatives. During this time, the department launched statewide efforts to strengthen teacher preparation experiences, provide ongoing support for aspiring, new and experienced teachers alike, and heighten the use of workforce reports in service of talent pipeline initiatives.

Under Jennifer's leadership, the department is successfully implementing a substantial Teacher Incentive Fund grant building on existing efforts to strengthen the teaching profession and expanding access to excellent teachers and leaders in rural schools. This work is supporting teacher preparation providers and rural school system leaders as providers shift to yearlong residencies and competency-based curricula. The rural school systems are also focused on improving educator goal-setting, strengthening principals' instructional leadership skills, and creating compensation systems to include performance and demand criteria.

Prior to her role at the Louisiana Department of Education, Jennifer served in multiple school and school system leadership roles in Ascension Public Schools, Louisiana. Improving the system of support for teacher and leader collaboration and evaluation was a top priority for Jennifer while serving as Ascension's director of school improvement for 13 years. In this capacity, Jennifer led the successful implementation of The TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement, resulting in record achievement gains for students.

While serving in this role, Jennifer also undertook the challenge of creating and supporting high-quality teaching and learning experiences inclusive of all educational talent – pre-service and beyond. She led the creation and implementation of Teach Ascension, a district-based alternative teacher certification program. This program has served as a model for other school systems in Louisiana working to close recruitment and retention gaps in hard-to-staff and high-need areas. Jennifer worked closely with principals to provide guidance and coaching on many school improvement and turnaround strategies. As a result of this work, she developed the Ascension Leadership academy, a talent recruitment and development program for future school and school system leaders.

Over her 28-year career in education, Dr. Tuttleton has, and continues to work with, classroom teachers, school administrators, local and state agency leaders, higher education partners, and civic and business leaders in service of improving the educational landscape for all students. Dr. Tuttleton earned a bachelor's and master's degree from Southeastern Louisiana University as well as a doctoral degree in educational leadership.

Dr. Jennifer  Tuttleton