Patrick W. Mapes


Perry Township Schools

Indianapolis, IN

With 32 years of experience in public education, Patrick W. Mapes has provided leadership and advocacy at the local, state and national level. He has served as superintendent of the nationally recognized Perry Township Schools district since October 2016.

Prior to joining Perry Township Schools, Patrick provided leadership to the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB) as chairman. Before that, he served as state director of teacher licensing and assistant superintendent of operations for the Indiana Department of Education, where he developed the REPA Educator Standards and the LVIS Educator Licensing and Verification system, as well as state guidelines for school efficiency.

Because of his vast knowledge in all areas of leading a school corporation, including operations, curriculum, and finance, Patrick was selected to join the United States Department of Education as the regional advisory chairperson on education issues.

In July 2019, Patrick was appointed by the Indiana State Senate as a member of the Indiana State Board of Education. 
Patrick has raised student achievement by placing teacher leaders at the forefront of school improvement. He met with legislators on Capitol Hill to discuss teacher effectiveness and the value of career ladders in school districts. He continues to be a champion for student academic growth and teacher leadership. Patrick earned a Master of Arts in Education and a Specialist in Education degree from Ball State University.

He began his career as a teacher and basketball coach, and continued to serve in education as a middle school and high school principal and superintendent of schools. Patrick is the proud father of two children. 

 Patrick W. Mapes