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November 10, 2015

NIET Joins Teach Strong Campaign

Washington, D.C.—Dr. Gary Stark, president and CEO of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), released the following statement today on the public launch of the Teach Strong campaign—a movement to make modernizing and elevating the teaching profession the top education priority:

Research demonstrates that a high-quality teacher in the classroom ranks as the single most-important school factor supporting increased student achievement. In order to provide an outstanding education to all students, we must draw more talented people to the teaching profession—and keep them there—by making it more attractive and rewarding to be a teacher. We simply cannot close the achievement gap without aggressively improving both the overall effectiveness of teachers who work in schools, and the supports to those teachers, especially those who serve large numbers of underprivileged children.

For these reasons, NIET is part of the bipartisan TEACH STRONG coalition working to make great classroom teaching the centerpiece of efforts to improve K-12 education. Based on our 15 years of work with teachers and administrators across more than ten states, making classroom instruction the centerpiece of great schools includes:

  • Powerful opportunities for professional growth
  • The ability to collaborate with peers during the school day
  • The opportunity to take on new roles as master or mentor teacher in order to earn higher salaries and advance professionally, just as in other careers, without leaving the classroom
  • Fair and rigorous evaluations of classroom practice to provide detailed feedback for improvement
  • Opportunities for additional compensation based on effectiveness and leadership roles and responsibilities
  • School-based professional development led by expert master and mentor teachers in the building to analyze student needs and identify strategies to increase student learning

It is clear that higher standards driven by global competition are a reality for students. If teachers are going to succeed in helping their students meet these expectations, states and school districts must put in place systems to ensure that every student has an effective teacher every year.

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