Lowell  Milken

Lowell Milken

Chairman and Founder
Lowell Milken's lifelong commitment to strengthening K–12 education has led to some of the country's most innovative means to dramatically advance educator effectiveness.
Dr. Candice  McQueen

Dr. Candice McQueen

Chief Executive Officer
NIET CEO Dr. Candice McQueen leads a vision-setting and strategic planning process to improve teaching and learning through a focus on human capital.
Dr. Joshua  Barnett

Dr. Joshua Barnett

President and Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Joshua Barnett is president and chief operating officer for NIET, responsible for the organization's partnerships and services. Barnett also serves as the principal investigator for NIET's federal projects.
Dr. Patrice  Pujol

Dr. Patrice Pujol

Senior Executive-in-Residence
Dr. Patrice Pujol serves as senior executive-in-residence at the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET). In this role, she is responsible for the advancement of NIET's strategic plan and business development activities.
 Kristan  Van Hook

Kristan Van Hook

Chief Policy Officer
As chief policy officer at the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), Kristan Van Hook develops and implements strategies to build support for NIET's education initiatives, with a focus on increasing teacher and school leader effectiveness.
 Sara  Gast

Sara Gast

Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Strategic Communications
Sara Gast joined NIET in February 2019 as the chief of staff and executive director of strategic communications. In this role, she serves as an advisor to the CEO, collaborates with and supports colleagues throughout the organization and leads NIET's communications efforts.
 Laura  Encalade

Laura Encalade

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation
Laura Encalade currently serves as the senior vice president of strategy and innovation for NIET. In this role she supports strategic planning efforts, partnership opportunities and the development of new services and technologies for the organization.
 Molly  Sears

Molly Sears

Chief Financial Officer
As chief financial officer, Molly provides leadership, management, and oversight for all fiscal activities related to the operations of NIET.
 Vicky  Condalary

Vicky Condalary

Vice President of Services
Before serving as vice president of services, Vicky was executive director of the LA BOLD Project, assistant director of school services and was the project director for TAP Connect, a SEED grant in partnership with Texas Tech and five independent area school districts.
Dr. Ann  Shaw

Dr. Ann Shaw

Executive Director of Training and East Team Leader
Dr. Ann Shaw has over 25 years teaching experience and is a National Board Certified Teacher. Throughout her career Shaw has served as a regional master teacher for SC TAP, master teacher, instructional coach and teacher.
 Laura  Roussel

Laura Roussel

Director of School Services and National and Special Project Team Leader
As the director of school services as well as national and special project team leader for NIET, Laura Roussel works at large on special projects that leverage educator effectiveness and school improvement efforts with partnering districts across the nation.
 Stephanie  Mosqueda

Stephanie Mosqueda

Director of Learning Technology Services and Texas Team Leader
Stephanie Mosqueda oversees NIET's web-based tools, as well as content and technical assistance support for partners.
 Teddy W. Broussard

Teddy W. Broussard

Senior Trainer
In his recent years with NIET, Broussard has served as senior program specialist, project director, assistant director of school services, director of training and senior trainer. 
 Jana  Rausch

Jana Rausch

Director of Communications
As director of communications, Jana Rausch has established more than a decade of experience working with Lowell Milken’s groundbreaking education initiatives spanning K-12 to higher education.
Dr. Davita  Lancelin

Dr. Davita Lancelin

LA BOLD Project Director
Dr. Davita Lancelin currently supports Louisiana districts and schools through the LA BOLD Teacher Incentive Fund Grant.
 Randy  Speck

Randy Speck

Randy Speck joined as executive in residence in 2019 with the goal of expanding the reach of NIET’s work, relationships, and results throughout the Midwest.
 Sheila  Talamo

Sheila Talamo

Senior Program Specialist
Sheila Talamo coordinates a variety of NIET support and training services provided to multiple Louisiana district and school partners.
 Payton  Parker

Payton Parker

Senior Director of Grant Management and Business Operations
Payton Parker assists project directors in their oversight, coordination, and management of the on-site activities related to federal projects.
 Shelby   Buono

Shelby Buono

Director of Strategic Projects
Shelby Buono serves as the director of strategic projects at NIET, where she leads and supports a variety of internal and external projects.
 Shelia  Banks

Shelia Banks

Senior Program Specialist
Before joining NIET, Shelia Banks successfully grew traditional and charter schools as TAP director and executive mater teacher for Orleans Parish Schools.
 Julie  Barbee

Julie Barbee

Senior Program Specialist
As a senior program specialist for NIET, Julie is part of the LA BOLD team supporting schools and districts within Louisiana.
 Roneka  Coleman

Roneka Coleman

Senior Program Specialist
Roneka Coleman currently supports Louisiana districts and schools (Orleans, Algiers, and InspireNola-Eisenhower) through the LA BOLD Teacher Incentive Fund Grant.
 Patti  Cruz

Patti Cruz

Executive Program Specialist and West Team Leader
Patti started with NIET in 2009 when she joined ASU Prep Academy as a TAP master teacher. She then went on to support the AZ Ready for Rigor Grant.
 Erin  Foster

Erin Foster

Senior Program Specialist
Erin Foster primarily provides support for NIET's Indiana partner schools, capitalizing on her drive to influence positive change for students through her zeal for working with educational leaders.
 Theresa D. Hamilton

Theresa D. Hamilton

Senior Program Specialist
Theresa Hamilton provides support to East Feliciana and Madison Parish School Systems as a senior program specialist.
 Jennifer  Hazelwood

Jennifer Hazelwood

Senior Program Specialist
Jennifer Hazelwood, a current NIET senior program specialist, worked in Jefferson Parish for 22 years before coming to NIET.
 Jodi  Leckbee Chan

Jodi Leckbee Chan

Project Director, SEED 2
Jodi Leckbee Chan is the NIET project director for the SEED 2 Grant, NIET's partnership with Texas Tech University's educator preparation program.
 Claire  Murray

Claire Murray

Senior Program Specialist
As an English Language Arts teacher and response to intervention coordinator, Murray empowered students to find their voices and celebrate learning. She has served as a mentor teacher, master teacher, and regional master teacher for SC TAP.
 Jen  Oliver

Jen Oliver

Executive Program Specialist and Midwest Team Leader
Jen Oliver provides on-site training, support, and in-depth coaching to district and school leaders, teacher leaders, classroom teachers and university faculty. 
 Lindsey  Parker

Lindsey Parker

Senior Program Specialist
Lindsey Parker works closely with the TAP efforts in Louisiana in both Madison and Caddo Parishes, focused on increasing educator effectiveness and improving student achievement growth.
 Keely  Potter

Keely Potter

Senior Program Specialist
Keely Potter brings her background as an educator and a director at the Tennessee Department of Education to NIET, where she primarily supports schools in the state.
 Tanjela  Sims

Tanjela Sims

Senior Program Specialist
Tanjela Sims boldly embraces a growth mindset, positivity and a "can-do" spirit as a senior program specialist.
 Amber  Simpson

Amber Simpson

Senior Program Specialist
Senior Program Specialist Amber Simpson spent much of her 20 years in education as a teacher leader before coming to NIET.
 Natalie  Szakacs

Natalie Szakacs

Executive Program Specialist and Tennessee Team Leader
Natalie Szakacs works with district and school partners to increase their impact on instructional excellence and student achievement.
 Laura  Tew

Laura Tew

Senior Program Specialist
Laura supports schools in Tennessee and South Carolina. She is most excited about the impact that NIET has on low-performing schools and putting powerful tools in the hands of great teachers.
 Devon  Willis-Jones

Devon Willis-Jones

Senior Program Specialist
Devon Willis-Jones' dedication to the education profession spans over 15 years. Prior to her NIET role, Devon served as principal of Jeanerette Elementary School in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, for seven years.
Dr. Tanée  Hudgens

Dr. Tanée Hudgens

Director of Research
As director of research at NIET, Dr. Tanée Hudgens is responsible for establishing, managing, and overseeing research and evaluation initiatives within the organization.
Dr. Trevor  Leutscher

Dr. Trevor Leutscher

Senior Research Associate
Dr. Trevor Leutscher's work at NIET involves conducting studies to evaluate and improve NIET's programs.

Dr. Handrea  Logis

Dr. Handrea Logis

Senior Research Associate
Dr. Handrea Logis supports all aspects of the NIET research activities, such as monitoring data collection efforts for the SEED grants, performing quantitative analysis to evaluate the impact of NIET's initiatives, as well as providing data and research support for various projects.
 Amanda  Warwick

Amanda Warwick

Policy Associate
Amanda Warwick supports NIET's policy efforts at the federal and state levels.
 Michael  Hegarty

Michael Hegarty

Special Events Manager
Michael has been with NIET since 2016 after serving for five years as the director of communications and outreach for the Arizona State University "Ready-for-Rigor Project."
 Hannah  Rush

Hannah Rush

Digital Communications and Content Manager
Hannah Rush contributes to the organization's internal and external communications outreach products, including training materials, social media, newsletters, and more.
 Matt  Connor

Matt Connor

As controller, Matt Connor assists in financial and accounting functions of NIET with the goal of helping the organization meet its mission.
 Christina  Faas

Christina Faas

Grant Specialist
Christina Faas supports the senior director of grant management and business operations in the oversight and management of NIET's sponsored projects as well as NIET's grant management practices, policies, and procedures.
 Paulette  Rowell

Paulette Rowell

Senior Support Manager
As senior support manager for learning Technology Services, Paulette Rowell provides technical assistance support for multiple web-based platforms that integrate NIET best practices.
 Janice  Mann

Janice Mann

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Janice Mann, executive assistant to CEO Dr. Candice McQueen, comes to NIET with 45 years of service from the Tennessee Department of Education.
 Robbin  Boudreaux

Robbin Boudreaux

Administrative Assistant
Robbin Boudreaux supports NIET Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Patrice Pujol and assists other senior staff and program assistants.
 Ashleigh  Holst

Ashleigh Holst

Administrative Assistant
Ashleigh supports NIET's Arizona office and assists Research and IT with ongoing projects.