Dr. Jennifer Board

Senior Specialist, South Central


Dr. Jennifer Board joins NIET as a Senior Specialist with 24 years of experience in education. During her tenure, Jennifer has served students, student athletes, and families of Ascension and East Baton Rouge Parishes as a classroom teacher, Instructional Coach, TAP Master Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal. As principal of Duplessis Primary School for the past 7 years, Jennifer leveraged her knowledge and expertise of NIET’s structures to implement the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement. Embracing and promoting NIET’s vision, mission, and core values, Jennifer led Duplessis Primary to receive the 2020 NIET Founder’s Award.

Jennifer is a passionate and determined educator who believes in establishing a strong school culture through building relationships, implementing and monitoring classroom best practices, and ensuring student ownership. She is an advocate of leaders who allow themselves to be vulnerable by “rolling up their sleeves and diving into the work alongside teachers.” While in Ascension Parish, Jennifer worked on a variety of district level leadership team initiatives allowing her to share best practices with other schools and district leaders.

Jennifer completed her undergraduate and master’s degree work at Louisiana State University in elementary education while competing as a full scholarship NCAA gymnast. Most recently she earned her doctorate in educational leadership from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Dr. Jennifer  Board

Who is your favorite teacher?

I have many favorites. My entire life has been influenced and impacted by strong women. I have been inspired and guided, and have molded my life after female family members, gymnastics coaches, and educators. My first favorite is my late grandmother, “Maw” who never took education for granted and earned her GED later in life in her 40s. My “Aunt Watty” is another favorite who, as an educator, hoped to earn her doctorate in counseling but time ran out because life is short. Another favorite teacher has always been my “Nannie,” who gave up the classroom and retired early to care for her son yet is always there to lend an ear and understand the educator’s perspective during Friday “coffee pot.” My final favorite teacher is my mother, who like her mother, never took her education for granted and is set to earn her college degree in May of 2023 from LSU!

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy supporting my husband, Lyle, in growing our business - School of Rock; providing musical and artistic outlets for children to express themselves while learning about music theory and history is a valuable experience. I also enjoy cheering on my 2 sons at the pool and the track or at a School of Rock concert! When I am not at an event supporting my 3 guys, I love experiencing my backyard and reading a good book with my 3 four-legged companions at my side.