Nick Brassfield

As a staff Accountant, Nick Brassfield assists the controller with general day to day accounting tasks and specialized projects to support the NIET’s growth. While still young in his career, Nick found a niche of improving upon various accounting systems. His unique problem solving skills allows him to tackle accounting and other business related problems through a new lens.  

While born and raised in Illinois, Nick graduated from ASU in 2020 and has committed to residing and working in Arizona. He has found himself working at companies that strive towards sustainability and growth for the future generations.  

 Nick  Brassfield

Who’s is your favorite teacher? 

This question has always been an easy one throughout my academic adventures. While I’ve had quite a few amazing teachers, my favorite was my Psychology 121 professor Mrs. Atkins. While pursuing my degree at a Arizona State University I took some a Psychology course  while I was home for the summer. And to my surprise I met a professor who was so passionate toward her material and teaching that some of it rubbed off in me. I learned so much, aced the class, and even to this day find myself studying Psychology in my free time.  

What was your favorite subject in school and why? 

There are many amazing subjects to study, but I’ve always been fond of math. Math  requires logical thinking and building on new concepts to solve arithmetical puzzles.  It was always fabricating to look back through my work for a completed problem to see exactly what I was thinking to solve it. Plus it was always very rewarding to solve a complex math problem!  

What do you do in your free time? 

I believe a sharp mind comes with a sharp body. This is one reason I have such an appreciation for physical activities. Whether it’s skiing in the winter, tennis in the spring, or just another day at the gym, I’ll always be enjoying my time.