Andrea Divine

Senior Specialist, East

Andrea Divine joins NIET with over 16 years of educational experience. She is a multifaceted educator who has served in numerous roles, including an Elementary Teacher, TAP Mentor Teacher, TAP Master Teacher, Instructional Coach, Professional Development Specialist, and Academic Facilitator for the Tennessee Department of Education. Through her multiple roles, Andrea has supported teachers, administrators, and school leaders by accelerating student outcomes through the work of student ownership and high-quality planning.   

Andrea comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience increasing student performance across multiple demographics.  Through her work with Knox County, she was able to enhance the scores of a reconstituted level 1 school and transform it to a level 5 through her partnership with NIET.  Andrea attributes this success to the support she received in fostering student ownership and growing teacher leaders with NIET.  Andrea's work at Sarah Moore Greene Magnet Academy culminated with the school receiving the NIET School of Promise Award in 2020.  Andrea has a passion for helping instructional leaders reach their full potential, which significantly impacts student outcomes in a positive way, and her career is a reflection of her passion for that work. 

 Andrea  Divine

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?  

I attribute all of my success in and out of the classroom to NIET.  I was at the first TAP elementary school in my district, and through their structure developed quickly in my craft. Through the TAP model, I was able to move into leadership roles as a Mentor and Master Teacher.  I continued to reap the rewards of their partnership with my school district. I truly believe in the vision of NIET and have observed its impact on students, educators, and the community first-hand. 

What was your favorite subject in school and why?  

Math!  I believe we are all great mathematicians with the right supports. Math teaches us that every problem has a solution. My love for math carried over into my career because I am always looking for creative solutions to problems and love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with solving a problem others thought were too difficult to solve.  I use my love of problem solving to help educators' identity and solve problems in the classroom.