Tracy Hypolite

Tracy Lofton Hypolite is a visionary leader and educator with more than 25 years of experience. She is fully equipped with a wide range of experience and knowledge as a strategic planner for school improvement. Before joining NIET, Tracy worked for St. John the Baptist School District as the executive director of curriculum and instruction. In this role, Tracy was responsible for K-12 curriculum implementation efforts. Ensuring equitable access for all students, Tracy worked alongside the district superintendent in implementing Tier-1 curriculum, materials, and resources – ensuring all students have the opportunity to engage and learn grade level content.

Tracy also served as the lead on monitoring multiple federal and state grants that supported leader and teacher development. These initiatives included the Louisiana School Redesign Initiative, Strivers Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant, and the Louisiana Super Application Process, which focused on extensive support to struggling schools labeled as Urgent Intervention Academics (UIR) and Comprehensive Intervention Academics (CIR).

Tracy was instrumental in implementing the Teacher Advancement Process (TAP) in the entire district of St. John the Baptist through the NIET Louisiana BOLD grant. As executive master teacher, Tracy led implementation efforts by supporting school leaders and master teachers with effectively using TAP structures and processes to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

During her tenure at the Louisiana Department of Education as an education consultant, Tracy supported district and school leaders with improving instructional systems and practices with goal setting, high-quality classroom support through observation and feedback, and collaborative structures for leaders and teachers across the southern region of Louisiana.   

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, a Master of Education in school counseling from Nicholls State University, and has an Education Specialist degree from Grand Canyon University. She also holds National Board Certification in Literacy: Reading Language Arts in Early and Middle Childhood.   

 Tracy  Hypolite

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

I am mostly passionate about the work we do alongside school districts and leaders to ensure ALL students are afforded equitable opportunities for success.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy supporting my husband with travel softball and having backyard cookouts with family and friends.

What is your superpower/hidden talent?

My superpower is being an encourager when helping and supporting others.