Rossette Osamba

Senior Specialist, Texas

As she approaches the 20-year milestone in education, Rossette Osamba now proudly serves as a senior specialist for NIET where she strives to serve as a resource to school teams in providing professional developments that aid in their improvement of practices and exemplary leadership.

In her previous work as a special education teacher and case manager, Rossette implemented and facilitated Individual Education Plans and Behavioral Intervention Plans, as well as provided organized curriculum and lessons designed for students with special needs based on analyzed student data. From 2013-2016, Rossette led as a TAP master teacher where she oversaw cluster group planning and implementation through weekly meetings and teacher evaluation using the STEPS for Effective Learning and TAP Instructional Rubric. 

Rossette later went on to fulfill her roles as a high school administrator and a part-time lecturer for John Hopkins' Urban Teachers Program. In both positions, she was able to provide coaching support and facilitate professional development experiences through course instruction, setting measurable improvement goals for students, or evaluation of teachers and staff to further excellence.

 Rossette  Osamba

Who is your favorite teacher?

I have a great deal of respect for ALL my teachers because they survived my gregarious and uninhibited personality. However, Lorimer Arendse earned the favorite teacher title. I was lucky to serve as an administrative intern to Mr. Arendse while a student at Texas Tech University. The lessons I learned about leadership and building relationships with students, staff, and parents molded my leadership philosophy. Integrity and the belief that I can be a catalyst for change became part of my fabric.

What do you do in your free time?

One word: FOOTBALL. I absolutely love watching my boys train, practice, and play football. I seamlessly transform into the best physical therapist, sports analyst, cheerleader, and coach.