Sandra Walker-Parker

Senior Specialist, South Central

Sandra Walker-Parker is a New Orleans native and has been an educator in Georgia and Louisiana for over 20 years, with the latter 16 years being spent in NIET schools. Sandra has displayed transitions through the multiple career paths propelled by NIET, serving as career teacher, master teacher, executive master teacher, executive director of curriculum and instruction, assistant principal, and principal.


Walker-Parker graduated from Louisiana State University with post-baccalaureate degrees from Xavier University, University of Holy Cross, and Northcentral University. Additional travel and studies around the country in best leadership and school practices has further equipped her to contribute to high-quality learning environments. As a turnaround leader, she has co-led and strategized six transformational schools, including removals from Louisiana’s failing schools’ list.

 Sandra  Walker-Parker

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

That’s simple. It works. I have witnessed, implemented, and led these practices from multiple vantage points (teacher, master teacher, administrator, district personnel), and it works to secure and normalize teacher quality and student learning with evidence of student achievement. This work continues to evolve into best practices that create intentional, critical thinkers.

What do you do in your free time?

I am a creative spirit and a techie! I love traveling, writing, and creating graphics and designs. When I’m not doing these things, I’m trying to catch a good movie.

What is your superpower/hidden talent?

I am a problem solver. Problems and outliers are usually evident to me rather quickly. I have been blessed with being able to see issues, plan for solutions, and even address them in a professional manner. This has supported the success of six turnaround school performances.