LaDazha Ford

Senior Specialist, Louisiana

LaDazha Ford joins NIET as a senior specialist for Louisiana. She began her work with NIET as a consultant in the summer of 2021. Her belief is, to positively impact students, there must be a plan and process for intentional support for teachers and instructional leaders. With high-quality implementation, students can thrive.

LaDazha previously served as a TAP mentor teacher and master teacher in Ascension Parish. Prior to her leadership roles, she taught elementary English language arts and social studies. LaDazha holds a Bachelor of Science from Southeastern Louisiana University and a Master of Arts in curriculum and instruction from Capella University. She is pursuing a Doctor of Education in educational leadership.



 LaDazha   Ford

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

I can attribute my personal success as an educator to the NIET framework and how, when implemented with fidelity and integrity, it can improve teacher effectiveness and overall student outcomes. I believe that public education is a gift that comes with a large responsibility that includes service to all stakeholders. Through my work with NIET, I will have the opportunity to further extend my continued support to instructional leaders, teachers, and students.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and engaging in any type of creative activity. I enjoy baking, crafting, making custom clothing, film and video editing, and woodworking. My favorite place to do all of these things is my she-shed where I have completed a number of DIY projects, including wood working and flooring. I enjoy discovering that I have a new talent or skill by challenging myself to try new things that interest me. I am also a lifelong Saints fan; I rarely miss a game.