Marjorie Manuel-Rabun

Senior Specialist, South Central

Marjorie is a dedicated educator with a rich and diverse background in education. Her journey in the field of education began as a TAP (Teacher Advancement Program) teacher, where she honed her teaching skills and passion for education. Over the years, she progressed through various roles within the TAP program, eventually becoming a master teacher and principal, demonstrating her commitment to fostering excellence in education.

Marjorie's dedication extended beyond the classroom, as she actively supported the Desoto and Caddo school districts in implementing the TAP program, contributing to the professional growth of educators and the improvement of student outcomes.

Prior to her current role, Marjorie held district leadership positions, where she served as a transformation zone math specialist,  a district lead content teacher for ELA and a school support specialist for UIR/CIR schools. Her experiences in these roles equipped her with a deep understanding of curriculum development and instructional strategies, further enhancing her ability to make a positive impact on education.

Marjorie's unique perspective on education is influenced by her Philippine roots and her experience as a Title 1 principal. She firmly believes in the value of education and is passionate about providing equitable opportunities for all students and educators. Her diverse background and experiences have shaped her into an advocate for educational excellence and equity.

Currently serving as a Louisiana Senior Specialist, Marjorie continues to pursue her passion for supporting leaders and schools in achieving excellence in serving students. Her unwavering dedication to education and her commitment to fostering positive change make her a valuable asset to the education community.

 Marjorie  Manuel-Rabun

Who is my favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher is undoubtedly Ms. Cruz, my high school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher. During my high school years, I faced some challenging moments, and Ms. Cruz consistently stood by my side, offering a listening ear and wholehearted appreciation for who I am. Her presence in my life has completely redefined my perception of what a teacher can be for a troubled student. Our conversations before and after class had a profound impact on me – they were a lifeline during a challenging time in my life.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject in school was art. It held a special place in my heart because it provided me with the freedom to express my emotions and thoughts through various artistic mediums. I thrived in the creative atmosphere where I could think outside the box and let my imagination soar.