April Woolard

Senior Specialist, South Central


April joins NIET with 23 years of experience in Education.  She has taught in Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana.  April has experiences in both elementary and middle school settings serving as a classroom teacher, TAP Mentor Teacher, Academically Intellectually Gifted Coordinator and Assistant Principal. Her vast experiences in multiple states and settings brings with it  opportunities to provide strategic leadership over vastly diverse populations for students, teachers and school leaders.

April is a servant leader with a focus on building relationships with school and district leaders to effectively strengthen academic settings.  She has been involved in several school improvement teams and has served on numerous local and State Department of Education Committee’s in both Louisiana and North Carolina.  April received her education from Austin College where she earned a double major as well as a Masters in Teaching.  She then continued her education at Western Carolina University where she earned a Master’s degree in School Administration.  

 April  Woolard

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

My passion in life is to serve others and to help mold the minds of the next generation. Being able to make an impact in the lives of students each day motivates me to develop and implement inclusive strategies that engage my students in the best way possible. That’s honestly why I became a teacher.  To now be able to serve teachers which will directly impact student achievement is what motivates and excites me.  NIET has empowered me to do just that!  Helping to give every teacher, at every school, in every district, the tools needed to grow and nurture young minds so they can be prepared for future success. 

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and friends.  If I am not watching my son at the soccer field, I am probably watching my daughter do gymnastics.  Watching them grow and mature with a love and a determination for what they do inspires me to be my best daily.  I figure if they can put in the hours and hours of training to be their best, then so can I. The time spent together laughing and joking, traveling the country, and just bonding with one another is so rewarding and memorable.

Who is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Ms. Jones.  She made every student feel as though they were the only student in the class.  She would have a hug and a smile for all as they entered the room and truly went through the day with a smile, showing how much she loved her job.  The impact she made on me and my fellow peers was huge!  As educators, we have the opportunity, the responsibility, and the obligation to be that teacher for our students.  It is my goal to have the same impact on the students I serve as Ms. Jones did for me.