Jennifer Woods

Senior Specialist, East Team

Jennifer Woods joins NIET with over 24 years of educational experience. Prior to joining our team, Jennifer worked as an administrator at the secondary and district level. The majority of her work as a middle and high school administrator has been supporting Title I schools in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Jennifer also has over seven years of experience at the district level, serving underrepresented gifted populations, supporting curriculum development and alignment, and incorporating high-yield reading strategies across the content. Jennifer has also served as an adjunct professor teaching coursework in curriculum development and gifted and talented education.

In her role as a senior specialist of the South Carolina Principal Leadership Network, Jennifer provides on-site training, support, and in-depth coaching to district and school leaders to increase their impact on instructional excellence and student achievement. 

Jennifer completed her Master of Education in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in gifted education from Converse College and earned an education specialist degree from the University of South Carolina in educational leadership.

 Jennifer  Woods

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

Working with educators is my passion – encouraging them to embrace the power they have to impact students' lives is inspiring. NIET supports my passion and commitment to education by allowing me the opportunity to work collaboratively with committed leaders in a reflective environment.

Who is your favorite teacher?

I am a champion of educators and every teacher I have ever had has motivated me in some  way. The classroom cultures that were shaped, the commitment, or their approach to teaching has shaped who I am as an educator.  I believe my favorite teachers have been the administrators I have worked with throughout my career: Dr. Randy Wall, for recognizing my potential; Mrs. Carole Ingram, for supporting my growth down every path; Dr. Corey Murphy, for challenging me to evaluate equity in education; and Mr. Freddie Lawton, for teaching me the importance of compassion and patience.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

I enjoyed any class that allowed for academic and intellectual discourse. I appreciated history, English, philosophy, and theories classes because they forced me to listen for understanding prior to shaping my personal ideals.