Angela Griffis

Senior Specialist, Southwest

Angela Griffis' passion and dedication to the education profession spans over 15 years. As an NIET senior specialist for Texas, Angela Griffis supports district and school leaders in implementing best practices of highly effective schools, increasing teacher effectiveness, and positively impacting student achievement.  

Before becoming a senior specialist, Angela demonstrated an unwavering passion for teaching and learning through various roles. She has had the opportunity to support teachers, teacher leaders, principals, and district leaders within the multiple roles that she has served. Angela formally served as a master teacher supporting campus improvement implementation that focused on increasing student achievement and growing teacher pedagogical knowledge. Angela also served as a district-level K-12 curriculum and instruction specialist through which she deepened her commitment for supporting teachers, administrators and district-level personnel with developing high-quality structures and professional development to ensure equitable instructional practices were present in all classrooms. 

Angela earned a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree from Texas A & M University-Commerce, including certifications in early childhood, elementary education, and secondary education. She also holds a Master of Educational Administration from Concordia University Seward-Nebraska. Angela is pursuing her doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Texas A & M University-College Station.

 Angela  Griffis

Why are you passionate about working about working for NIET?

I am grateful and inspired by the opportunities I've had to learn from and work with talented NIET professionals as a master teacher. NIET is dedicated to growing educators in ways that impact student achievement. This work aligns to my passion for supporting and growing teachers through reflective and collaborative experiences. It is a joy to be a part of building capacity in data analysis, planning, and best practices. As an NIET senior specialist, I am challenged to find innovative ways to best support educators across Texas.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

English Language Arts courses influenced my thoughts and ideas as a young adult. I've always viewed literature as an equitable outlet to experience the diverse cultures of our world no matter your background or economic status. In time I used my love for reading and writing to make connections in mathematics, which became my second favorite content area. Using my imagination to create a deeper context around word problems allowed me to make real-world connections around problem-solving situations. Applying learned concepts to real-world scenarios helped me to visualize and justify solutions. It is my belief that conceptual understandings solidify foundational knowledge and skills when we as educators are able to make meaningful connections with students. I carried my love for reading, writing, and mathematics into my work as a strategist for teachers and leaders by sharing the power of content integration and real-world application.

What do you do in your free time?

When I have free time there is nothing better than a run or bike ride on the trail. I've found myself taking a deeper interest in being active and finding time to move. Being intentional to designate time for daily activity has opened my eyes to the power of fresh air.