Jill Crain

Senior Specialist


Jill joins NIET with 25 years of educational experience. Since 2005, Jill has been a believer, advocate, and leader in NIET best practices. She has served students in Louisiana as a teacher, teacher leader, TAP master teacher at the school level, TAP executive master teacher at the district level, and a TAP executive master teacher for schools and districts across Louisiana.

Jill earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in education from McNeese State University with certifications in early childhood, elementary, middle grades, library science, and educational technology. Her passion is serving partners in NIET's best practices. Jill currently supports Louisiana partners and works alongside district and school leaders to strengthen existing systems and structures to increase student achievement and teacher efficacy.

 Jill  Crain

Who is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher is not someone who instructed me in a classroom. My favorite teacher is someone who taught me life lessons and modeled a life of living for your dreams and a strong work ethic. My favorite teacher is my mother. She built a successful business from the ground, and taught me how to be a leader in my community: lead with my head, but follow my heart. My heart is with NIET.

What is your superpower/hidden talent?

My hidden talent/superpower is baking and pastries. I have always loved cooking and baking. I have created at least 50 wedding cakes for family and friends over the last 12 years. I find baking to be a stress-relieving opportunity. After baking and making goodies, I never eat them, but I share them with family and friends.