Alison Cutler

Staff Writer

Alison Cutler is a Staff Writer with an award-winning background in journalism and communication. Constantly pursuing the human element of a story, Alison found her niche in narrative reporting and writing. Her previous experience in both local and national publications has equipped her to reach wide audiences on print, digital and social media platforms and will help bring colorful narratives to NIET and its partner schools.

Alison graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University as a member of Barrett, the Honors College. Alison previously worked as a government watchdog reporter, public health disparity reporter, magazine editorial staff member and a national reporter. She anticipates the next story on the horizon at NIET and is a firm believer that education offers an endless source of interesting topics and people to cover.

 Alison  Cutler

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

I still write emails and letters to the teachers at schools that made the biggest differences in my life. I think about them often and I know I’m not alone. By working with NIET, I joined an organization that strives to foster a positive educational environment nationally - something that I can testify made all the difference in my own youth. NIET’s dedication to improving and maintaining the quality of education is a goal I was on board with from the start and I am proud to be able to work with an organization making an impact in so many communities.

What do you do in your free time?

I really enjoy music and exercise. I’m a violist with the Scottsdale Philharmonic and first started playing in middle school when a friend convinced me to join orchestra class with her. I love to spend my weekends playing guitar with a cup of hot coffee, or out on a good hike or ski trip when the Arizona mountains get enough snow.