Venitia Guerrieri

Executive Assistant to CEO

Venitia has been an advocate for teachers since 2004, when she started her career in Financial Services assisting them with their investments for retirement. Later, she volunteered at the elementary school her children attended, which led to helping teachers in the classroom as a Para Educator. Now, in 2022, Venitia is thrilled to be supporting NIET’s CEO, Dr. Joshua Barnett to further enhance teacher appreciation and ultimately make our kids better students.

 Venitia  Guerrieri

Who is your favorite teacher?

I will always remember my sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Fiorucci.  He made learning fun and also taught life skills that have stuck with me as an adult.  He made sure that all of his students knew how to deliver “the perfect handshake”.  He emphasized the importance of a firm grip and eye contact.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have a son and daughter who are both in Middle School.  I spend my time making sure that they stay active and social.  This includes coaching Volleyball and various community service activities.  My favorite activities are those that involve helping animals!