Lucia Thallas

Events Manager

Lucia Thallas is a member of the Events Team at NIET. She oversees the events from start to finish and ensures that no detail is left behind. Lucia is committed to putting the members of NIET first. As an events manager Lucia is enthusiastic about helping create impactful programs and initiatives that NIET offers to educators, schools, and districts such as professional development, coaching, mentoring, and resources aimed at enhancing teaching practices and student achievement.

In her previous job experience, Lucia learned that attention to detail, versatility, professionalism and problem-solving skills are key factors in a well-executed event. Her former non-profit was involved with attorneys general and other attorneys internationally focusing on bringing them all together to discuss controversial topics and transnational legal issues. Through this she learned that events are all about adapting to changes and allowing them to strengthen your process rather than weaking. Lucia has a remarkable combination of passion, professionalism, and creative ingenuity. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional events makes her the perfect fit for the role of an event manager. From high-profile corporate conferences to glamorous social galas, each event had Lucia’s signature touch of innovation and attention to detail. Her ability to stay calm under pressure, solve challenges, and exceed expectations earned them a reputation as a reliable and resourceful event manager.

From an early age, Lucia exhibited a natural talent for organization and coordination. Whether it was planning family gatherings or after-school events, her attention to detail and ability to bring people together was evident. As Lucia grew older, this passion evolved into an unwavering desire to help the community while leaning into her gifts.

 Lucia  Thallas

Who is your favorite teacher?

Although I was blessed to have multiple gifted teachers throughout my education, I cannot narrow it down to one. My top two favorite educators were my first-grade teacher Miss Jacobson and my college professor Mister Walling. Miss Jacobson made me feel safe and comfortable all while still challenging me to learn new concepts. She created the foundation of critical thinking, empathy, and treating others with kindness at a very young age. Professor Walling took it upon himself to ensure he treated every student of his like an adult. He continuously stimulated my thought process all while provoking a different perspective simultaneously.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy the outdoors especially when the sun rises or sets to see the sky. Although I appreciate the world that we all live in, I continuously have a perspective as to how I can improve myself to be my best version for others and myself too! I appreciate staying connected to my essence and giving my time to quality friends. I also love to cook and bake so I can host all my closest friends or family over at my home. I appreciate learning about new cultures and visiting new places to continue to create more memorable experiences!

What was your favorite subject in school and why? 

My favorite subject in school was mathematics. This subject is a universal language as it is quite consistent across all cultures. Numbers will always be the same in any language. Math provides a sense of unity and understanding connecting human beings worldwide.