Kelly Minick

Senior Specialist, Southeast

Kelly Minick's educational experience spans nearly two decades in South Carolina. Prior to her time at NIET, she spent 14 years as a secondary English instructor who worked to grow learners' love of writing, critical thinking, and to build their ability to see the world with a multi-lens approach.

Kelly served as a TAP master teacher in Saluda County Schools and most recently at the South Carolina Department of Education as a transformation and regional support coach. During her time at the state level, she worked with K-12 schools to improve practice, transform learning, and to impact sustainable change. Her coaching background provides her with the opportunity to be impactful by building the capacity of teachers and leaders within the districts she serves.

Born in South Carolina and a proud product of rural public schools, Kelly believes that all students can achieve, that an equitable education is an achievable goal, and that teachers hold the key to empowering learners and leaders to work to their full potential.

A certified secondary principal, she earned a bachelor's degree in English from Gardner-Webb University, a master's degree in divergent learning from Columbia College and a master's degree from Gardner-Webb University in executive leadership. Kelly is a teacher of teachers who prides herself on seeking to understand all perspectives while making efforts to grow students and to transform schools.

 Kelly  Minick

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

My previous experience with NIET and TAP provided me with the language needed to label "good teaching," while at the same time, giving me the opportunity to understand that there is always room to grow. This is why I am passionate about this work. I feel fortunate to do the same for others-to build the capacity of teachers and leaders in the districts I serve. It's important that we frame our work around what's best for kids, and NIET does just that. When we encourage reflective practice and model that behavior for all stakeholders, the learning process shifts. And in that shift, growth occurs. 

What do you do in your free time?

Any day near the beach is a good day for me! So, in my free time, I enjoy taking trips to the beach − any beach − and quite simplistically spending time with family and friends and letting the pressures of every day roll away with the tides.