Update from NIET's Co-Presidents

September 7, 2021

Update from NIET's Co-Presidents

NIET Partners and Leaders,

We know this start to the new school year looks all too similar to what we saw last fall, and we continue to feel inspired by your leadership as you make the next right decision for your educators and students every day. At NIET, we will continue to meet you wherever you may most need support, no matter what that may look like. Our team has grown over the last year as we have brought in additional specialists to serve your needs, and we have greater expertise across our organization than ever before. As many of you will agree, our people make the difference, and we are proud of the team we have formed.

We are excited to serve as co-presidents at NIET and continue to move our work forward, and we are enthusiastic about what the future has in store.

NIET has built on an over 20-year foundation of supporting high-quality instruction and expanded our support into learning recovery and acceleration, content and curriculum implementation, and creating better support for aspiring teachers – just a few of the areas we are supporting this year. You can continue to expect high-quality training and coaching from NIET, and you can also look to us to continue to provide innovative resources for whatever needs may arise. We are moving full-steam ahead, and we are optimistic about the potential to improve teaching and learning for thousands of teachers and students nationwide through our partnerships.

We welcome your feedback and ideas about what you most need in this moment, and we will do everything we can to provide that support. You can reach out to both of us at president@niet.org or individually at Josh Barnett (jbarnett@niet.org) or Laura Encalade (lencalade@niet.org).

Josh and Laura