Arizona TAP Teacher Lorialle Haynes Recognized at White House Among Elite Group of Outstanding Educators

May 4, 2016

Arizona TAP Teacher Lorialle Haynes Recognized at White House Among Elite Group of Outstanding Educators

"We are delighted that a number of teachers from districts implementing the TAP System are participating in the White House teacher recognition event this year," said Dr. Gary Stark, NIET’s chief executive officer. "Lorialle Haynes and the other TAP educators at the event are working in their schools and districts, but also at the state and national level, to promote the teaching profession and highlight the importance of strong classroom instruction for student achievement."

"I was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to meet, network, and celebrate alongside wonderful educators from across our nation," said Haynes. "Being able to attend an event such as this at the White House was an amazing privilege and I couldn't be more thankful. When I heard the President speak about education and the work we do as teachers, my heart was reminded yet again that I have the most amazing and rewarding career."

Lorialle is in her third year in the classroom and teaches in a school with a high percentage of English Language Learners students qualifying for free and reduced-price lunch. Haynes participated in a teacher preparation program at Arizona State University (ASU) in partnership with NIET that linked high-need districts with teacher candidates for a full year of student teaching in a school implementing NIET's TAP System, which provides job-embedded, school-based support using teacher leaders. ASU has integrated the TAP Teaching Standards into its teacher preparation program, so Haynes was trained and prepared to meet these standards starting with her first year of teaching. Her principal noted that she entered teaching at the level of a second- or third-year teacher. Haynes’ high student growth scores and effectiveness early in her career led her to be selected by ASU to speak to state policymakers and present in Washington, D.C.

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