Elevating a Positive School Environment: Resources for Leaders

Student and staff well-being is a top concern we hear from school leaders every day as we work alongside educators nationwide. To support this need and help school leaders and educators foster a positive school environment, NIET has released a new suite of resources focused on practices that help leaders and teachers facilitate positive and strengths-based interactions. These resources will support coaches and leaders to strengthen school culture and environment while maintaining a focus on instruction. These free tools include:

  • A student walk process for seeing the school environment through a student lens
  • Coaching considerations for fostering student ownership through a positive school environment
  • Guidance for structuring strengths-based coaching 
  • A mid-year reflection guide to help leaders provide a strengths-based environment
  • A BINGO challenge to provide educators with simple ideas for enhancing school culture and relationships

Download the full suite of resources below. They are available together as one document and separately.