Vanessa Gonzalez

Professional Development Director

Gadsden Elementary School District #32


Vanessa began teaching at Ed Pastor Elementary School, where she taught 2nd and 4th grade over five years. The first few years, she had great mentors and instructional coaches who supported her growth and learning. 

As a result of that support, she decided to become a Mentor Teacher, which allowed her to be part of the school’s leadership team. She then became the Master Teacher, coaching Kindergarten through 6th grade and Special Education Teachers. It was a great learning opportunity that allowed her to learn a great deal from the school’s leadership team, teachers, and students. 

During the summer of 2018, Vanessa took on the role of Professional Development Coordinator for the district. This allowed her to work with teachers, Master Teachers, and Administrators across the district. After being in that position for four years, Vanessa became the director of the professional development department for the district. She now works closely with the district Superintendent and Associate Superintendent to plan and oversee all district training opportunities and supports all schools along with an amazing team of executive master teachers. 

Working with teachers across the district is a true honor, because it is teachers who have those genuine interactions with students on a daily basis and truly make that lasting impact. Vanessa hopes to be able to continue supporting teachers, students, and the entire community through her work at Gadsden Elementary School District #32, giving back to a community that has helped her grow in many ways.

 Vanessa  Gonzalez