Angela Davis

Executive Master Teacher

St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools

Reserve, LA

Angela Davis, the TAP executive master teacher for St. John the Baptist Parish Schools, has a passion and drive for instructional excellence for all of the schools she serves. She began her teaching career at Garyville Magnet Math and Science School as a fifth grade ELA/Social Studies teacher in St. John the Baptist Parish. She was a finalist for the 2014 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year.

Her desire for student growth pushed her to become a TAP mentor teacher. During her time as a mentor teacher, the school she served was a recipient of the TAP Founder's Award. Throughout her career, Davis has served in several capacities that support teaching and learning. Before becoming executive master teacher, she served as a curriculum facilitator and curriculum coordinator. Angela is currently working on a Ph.D. in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and evaluation.

Angela enjoys supporting school leadership teams through TAP structures and processes. She is excited to continue to learn and grow beside her schools.  

 Angela  Davis