Quinn McInnis

Digital Content Manager


Quinn McInnis is an experienced Digital Content Manager who possesses a deep understanding of the power of digital outreach. Quinn has invested his career in amplifying the organization’s message to a wider audience. With several years of experience in digital content creation, he brings a wealth of digital knowledge to NIET. Quinn has always been passionate about Graphic design from an early age, having been inspired by his father’s work in digital production. He is continuing to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Arizona State University. Quinn has collaborated with a variety of leading names in the music and fashion industry to execute and strategize a wide range of projects. He finds the creative process stimulating and embraces opportunities to take on challenging projects that stretch his abilities.

 Quinn  McInnis

Why are you passionate about working at NIET?

I have always appreciated the teachers I have had and have seen the sacrifices they make to ensure their students are getting the most out of their time in school. Successful students are the product of great teachers. I am excited about joining NIET to support teachers in all phases of their careers that will have an impact on the quality of education. Joining an organization that can make a difference in people’s lives is important to me.

What do you do in your free time?

Being physically active is important to me as I have spent many years playing academy club soccer. Nowadays I enjoy going to the gym and have found that working out makes me happier, focused and less stressed. Spending quality time with friends or family is something that is important to me. Hanging out at the lake wakeboarding or even just having a great meal and playing board games are some of the things I look forward to.