National Impact

NIET Partner Schools Achieve, Retain More Teachers and Report Positive Attitudes

NIET Partner Schools Achieve

New and Continuing NIET-Supported Schools Outperform Comparison Schools 

NIET's initiatives can positively impact student achievement, especially in schools that sustain partnerships for multiple years. The majority of new and continuing NIET partner schools—of which more than 95% are high-need—are achieving at least one year's academic growth as compared to 77% of comparison schools.

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NIET Partner Schools Retain More Teachers 

NIET-Supported Schools Retain More Teachers than Similar High-Need Schools and the National Average

With a national retention rate of 94%, NIET partner schools retain approximately 14% more teachers than similar high-need schools and 10% more than the national average.

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Teachers Report Support for the NIET Teacher Evaluation System

The Majority of Teachers Report Support for NIET's Multimeasure System of Teacher Evaluation

Teachers accept and see value in NIET's multimeasure system of teacher evaluation. In a 2019 survey of over 4,700 teachers, 93% report support for the NIET evaluation process.


Source: NIET Department of Research and Evaluation

Administrators See Impact of NIET on Student Achievement

The Majority of Administrators Agree NIET's Teacher Evaluation System Leads to Higher Student Achievement

Administrators report changes in student achievement as a result of implementing NIET's initiatives. In a 2019 survey of over 200 administrators, 95% agree that NIET's teacher evaluation system positively impacts student achievement.

Source: NIET Department of Research and Evaluation