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NIET Impact Overview

Collectively, NIET's initiatives are impacting over 250,000 educators and 2.5 million students.

For two decades, our initiatives have made measurable increases in educator effectiveness and student achievement growth.

As demand escalated for TAP's proven instructional tools, NIET developed a range of educator effectiveness initiatives to cover a broader base and customize technical assistance to fit specific state and district needs. 

Our organization has also expanded to meet that need. We are not only able to deliver high-quality products and services, but our growing research and policy efforts also help us share those results.

TAP Impact in Schools and Districts

Introduced in 1999, TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement has become one of the nation's largest multi-year, multi-state efforts for advancing performance-based evaluation.

Through its comprehensive approach to teacher leadership, professional development, evaluation and competitive compensation, the TAP System has created dynamic and collaborative learning environments for students and educators alike. Over 95 percent of participating TAP schools are high-need and serve diverse areas—from Indianapolis to rural Tennessee. 

The figure below represents the percentage of schools earning one year or more of academic growth (earning at least a value-added growth score of "3"). The high percentages illustrate the significant and sustained achievement levels in TAP schools over the last decade, with an ever-increasing percentage of schools obtaining at least a year's worth of academic growth.


Spotlight Stats on Key Projects

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NIET Best Practices 

NIET is involved in statewide educator evaluation systems in Tennessee, Texas and Ohio as well as in dozens of districts across the country. 

In Tennessee, the State selected the TAP Teaching Standards and evaluation process as the basis for the classroom observation portion of its statewide teacher evaluation system, the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM). NIET trained more than 5,000 evaluators in the summer prior to the launch of TEAM. NIET is also providing continuous support to the Tennessee Department of Education in the form of a statewide training portal available to every Tennessee teacher as well as training, technical assistance and resources for state-level experts supporting districts.

Since implementing TEAM, Tennessee has experienced the largest all-time statewide growth in a testing cycle on the NAEP and has made nearly 50 percent more growth than any other state when all scores are combined.

Based on the successful effort working with the Tennessee Department of Education on TEAM, we were awarded a contract with the Ohio Department of Education to design training and support tools around the newly created Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES). The Ohio portal now includes more than 12,000 certified evaluators who benefit from the sophisticated training system complete with video, modules, live-streaming and more. 


Passage of legislation at the state and federal levels has helped expand and sustain our initiatives as well as has kept educator effectiveness at the fore of the national agenda to strengthen K–12 education. At the federal level, the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) and Title II have provided some of the highest-need schools in the U.S. with necessary resources to attract, develop, motivate and retain talented educators over the long term. States such as Iowa and Texas have approved comprehensive policies for supporting teacher leadership, mentoring, professional development, evaluation and competitive compensation.