Through a longstanding partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education, NIET has helped develop the statewide teacher evaluation system and worked with high-need districts across the state to support school improvement and success. 

Improving instruction with TEAM

NIET teamed with the Tennessee Department of Education in the development of the statewide Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM) evaluation system. The TEAM classroom observation rubric is based on the NIET Teaching Standards Rubric and provides teachers with feedback on multiple indicators of classroom practice.

NIET supported the state in providing in-depth training and certification for TEAM evaluators statewide over the summer of 2011, and created a web-based portal to house evaluation data, as well as tools and resources accessible to Tennessee educators. Tennessee evaluators use an NIET-supported portal to be certified, and the portal also provides a range of resources for evaluators and teachers. 

Over 78,000 educators in more than 1,800 schools are impacted by this work. NIET continues to support eight TEAM coaches regionally across the state who provide support for districts and schools in observing classroom lessons and providing follow-up support to teachers.

Targeted partnerships improve classroom instruction at high-need schools

In addition, NIET works with individual districts, including Knox County, to support school improvement raising the effectiveness of classroom instruction across the building. Our work also includes rural districts like Jackson County, where we have had success in supporting and sustaining school improvement