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Our Partners

NIET's partnerships with districts, states and universities are vital to its mission of advancing educator effectiveness and improving achievement growth for all students.  Below are examples of NIET’s diverse partnerships and how they have been leveraged to strengthen teaching and learning on a broad scale.


Ascension Parish Schools, Louisiana

In the 2008-09 school year, Ascension Parish Schools adopted the TAP System to help turn around its lowest-performing schools.  The district piloted TAP with two schools, expanded to eight schools in the 2010-11 school year, and the remaining schools participate in NIET’s Best Practices Center.  Superintendent Patrice Pujol credits NIET to helping the district close the achievement gap and spread best practices throughout the district.  Learn more

Knox County Schools, Tennessee

Seeking to attract and retain talent and improve learning on its high-need campuses, Knox County Schools began TAP implementation in 2006 with three schools. It added a fourth the following year, all supported by local funds and the Great Schools Partnership. Motivated by the schools' success, the district partnered with NIET on a federal Teacher Incentive Fund grant in 2010 to expand TAP to 14 additional schools.  The components of TAP are now being utilized in other schools throughout the district, and the pilot schools served as a model for Tennessee's statewide teacher evaluation system, the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM).  Learn more

Metropolitan School District of Perry Township, Indiana

The Metropolitan School District of Perry Township saw the early progress of TAP in two of its high-need schools during the 2011-12 school year, and promptly adopted NIET's educator evaluation process in its remaining schools the following year.  The TAP schools welcome visitors from campuses across the state and serve as resources of best practice throughout the district.  Danny Mendez, principal at Southport Elementary—one of the two pilot TAP schools—calls his campus "empowered, reflective and limitless" thanks to NIET's initiatives.



Based on the successful effort working with the Tennessee Department of Education on TEAM, NIET was awarded a contract with the Ohio Department of Education to design training and support tools around the newly created Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).  As a result, NIET hit the ground running, designing an in-person three-day training and using a train-the-trainer model with effective trainers selected by the ODE.  During summer 2012, NIET trainers co-led and coached the Ohio trainers.

Coupled with the on-site training, NIET built a customized training portal for the Ohio evaluators.  Resources include a two-pronged certification and recertification process (accurately rating video and having practical and working knowledge of the post conferencing coaching protocol), video, training modules and live streaming, among other features.  There are currently over 12,000 certified evaluators in the Ohio portal.


Arizona State University

ASU's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College partners with NIET to incorporate the TAP Teaching Standards into its teacher preparation pre-service and in-service programs.

Clinical faculty members are trained on the TAP Rubric and on observing, coaching and certifying student teachers.

As an extension of its pre-service program, ASU developed the Ready-for-Rigor project, also in partnership with NIET, using TAP as its core strategy in some 60 participating high-need schools throughout the state.

In 2013, NIET and ASU furthered their partnership in a Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant.  The project, Planting the SEED, will help recruit and prepare students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers by providing teacher candidates in the areas of 7th-12th grade math and science with living wage stipends.  Additionally, the project will provide in-service teachers with professional development in the writing standards for Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards (formerly known as Common Core). Learn more

Texas Tech

Through a grant under the federal Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) program, Texas Tech University is partnering with NIET to incorporate the TAP Teaching Standards into its teacher preparation program.  The project, TAP Connect, will enhance the traditional model for the TAP System by embedding TAP strategies into the university's teacher preparation curriculum and its certifications in Literacy/Writing, STEM and Leadership. It will also create a pipeline of high-quality teachers across five high-need districts.

TAP Connect will also help increase the impact of the traditional TAP System through the use of video technology.  The project will offer a 21st century technology-enabled, competency-based approach to ensuring TAP school fidelity of implementation.  This will support teachers build a conceptual understanding of best teaching practices which have a positive impact on student achievement. Learn more

For more information about NIET's partnerships or to get involved, call (310) 570-4860 or email info@niet.org.