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School Improvement Solutions

Based on two decades of on-the-ground experience in high-need schools, NIET offers School Improvement Solutions centered around advancing educator effectiveness.

The model is rooted in proven principles that create effective structures for teacher leadership and foster a culture for educators and students alike to excel.

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Collaborative learning:
Teacher leaders are the best positioned to grow the skills of their colleagues and help lead instructional improvement strategies.

Reflective culture:
Sustained improvement will only happen when we invest in building the
skills and knowledge of educators to lead improvement and create an
environment with positive and supportive professional relationships.

Collective leadership:
No school improves without a strong principal and district support, but
principals cannot go it alone. The principal's work must be supported by
an effective team of teachers who are supported by strong structures and protocols.

Strategic accountability:
All teachers who embark on improving their practice must know they
will have the support they need to meet their goals. Ambitious expectations for growth must be accompanied by support to assure real impact.

NIET works with each partner to identify needs and priorities and help develop a tailored support plan. NIET's expert trainers and support staff provide ongoing guidance throughout the implementation of the plan, helping to assess data in real time and make adjustments along the way.

Effective leadership is essential. The schools that I've worked in have
improved because a strong principal, a supportive central office and teacher
leaders are working together to strengthen the skills of all teachers
and create a culture of collaboration."

Vicky Condalary
Louisiana Executive Director

NIET has worked with schools just like yours and produced strong student achievement results in schools with significant challenges. We want to partner with you. Let's begin.

For more information about partnering with NIET on School Improvement Solutions, download the flyer. Contact NIET by emailing info@niet.org or calling 480-219-5546.