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With proven results and leadership in advancing educator effectiveness, NIET provide schools, districts and states with Service, Support and Solutions—including direct training and innovative tools and online resources—to maximize their potential.

All resources help design better systems for teacher leadership, professional development, educator evaluation and performance-based compensation on campus. Please visit What We Do for more information.

Educator Effectiveness 

Whether it's hands-on training, building a portal, developing rubrics or supplying a scripting app for easy classroom observations or accessing a human capital management system (CODE) to provide leadership teams with real-time data to inform decisions, we have the bases covered. Learn more.

Evaluation Certification

A useful and powerful part of the NIET EE PASS Portal is the ability to certify evaluators online. Educators training to be evaluators have videotaped lessons available to them through the NIET EE PASS Portal to analyze, score, and create objectives for a teacher's areas of reinforcement and refinement. The portal also includes the process to recertify evaluators year after year, which is convenient, accommodates schools everywhere and saves time and resources. Learn more.

Teacher Leadership 

Across many states and districts, teachers are taking on additional leadership responsibilities. We work with districts and schools to provide a structure and system that helps teacher leaders increase instructional excellence and gives the most effective teachers new opportunities while keeping them connected to classrooms. Learn more.

Human Capital

NIET is continually developing new and more powerful resources to support states and districts in implementing fair, meaningful and accurate evaluations. One such resource is the CODE System, which is an interactive data management tool to store and analyze teacher evaluations (observations). It also helps schools track and monitor pedagogical trends within the school or district as well as promote inter-rater reliability (or the consistency of scores among evaluators). Learn more.

On-Site and Virtual Training

We specialize in robust, high-quality training that breaks down complex information into real-world applications. NIET's trainers, from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, are educators grounded in classroom practice. As a complement to its on-site training and support, the NIET portal houses videos, training modules and CODE to provide real-time access to individualized trainings and support in order to improve instruction and evaluation. We also work with partners to customize their portals to fill specific needs, and mobile versions of portals are available. Learn more.

For more information, please call (310) 570-4860 or email info@niet.org.