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Elements of Success

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There are many reform efforts underway in schools throughout the U.S. to improve the teaching workforce. Most of these efforts focus on a particular area of improvement such as increasing professional development opportunities for teachers, or providing incentives such as signing bonuses or loan forgiveness to new teachers entering the classroom. Many reforms are making an impact in a small way; however, they do not provide the comprehensive approach that is needed.

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After an extensive review of the research on school improvement efforts as well as years of working with talented teachers, Lowell Milken recognized the need for a multi-faceted strategy to improve the teaching profession.

As a result, Lowell Milken created TAP™: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement, a comprehensive educator effectiveness model that provides powerful opportunities for career advancement, professional growth, instructionally focused accountability and competitive compensation for educators. Through the implementation of four interrelated key elements, teachers are improving their instruction and the achievement of their students. The four elements are:

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