Remote Learning Resources

In response to COVID-19, NIET has created a one-stop web section to prepare educators for the transition to remote learning. This resource will be updated regularly with top teacher resources for 2020-21; health and safety guidance and policy actions; tools and platforms for student learning; and professional learning, strategies, and ideas for educators. 

Top Free Tools and Templates to Plan for 2020-21 Virtual Learning

Obtain key resources for educators to use now as they prepare for and start the 2020-21 school year.

Top Free Virtual Instruction Resources

Receive key resources for supporting educators in virtual instruction year-round.

Health, Safety, and Policy

Access general information and resources about COVID-19, how to take preventative measures, how schools and families can address the virus, and up-to-date action from federal and state government.

Tools and Platforms for Student Learning

Explore free educational resources readily available to schools, educators, students, and families, plus technology services offering extra free assistance during school closures. Anyone affected by COVID-19 can benefit, whether you are a teacher developing a plan in a short amount of time, a parent adjusting to at-home learning, or a student needing broadband access.

Professional Learning, Strategies, and Ideas for Educators

Take teaching to the next level with NIET's free, refreshed, and self-paced professional learning modules − useful for both independent instruction and a virtual professional learning community session. Plus, learn general tips, tricks, and effective methods to maximize remote learning. These include everything from structuring lesson plans in a new learning environment to creating communication networks with families to collaborating among colleagues about strategies that work