School Year Planning for 2020-21

Even with unknowns, there are ways district and school leaders can be preparing for the upcoming school year. These documents are intended to be used as guides for leaders as they design their plan for 2020-21.

Scenarios and Considerations

While these are not comprehensive, they capture key points of consideration as well as guiding questions for four different scenarios we anticipate will be possible in the fall:

  • All students are attending school in-person
  • Some students attend in-person while some are virtual
  • All students are virtual
  • Students are intermittently virtual

The guiding questions and recommended guidelines are laid out for creating a four-part plan that addresses the following key topics:

  • Operations
  • Academics
  • Student, family, and staff support
  • Professional development and training


  • Unfinished and Continued Learning: Planning for the Recovery of Standards and Content
  • Leveraging All Instructional Staff: Staffing to Support Continuity of Learning for Students
  • Planning for Diverse Learners: Creating Plans for Re-entry That Maximize Accessibility for Diverse Learners

See below to download the guide and resources. along with supporting documents and templates.