Teacher Effectiveness

America’s Opportunity: Teacher Effectiveness and Equity in K-12 Classrooms

National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality [TQ Center]   |   October 2009

The TQ Center's second biennial report synthesizes research to help educators think systemically about policies and practices that support teacher effectiveness and equitable distribution of K-12 teachers. More specifically, the report addresses the leadership role of state policymakers in integrating multiple reform efforts to ensure long-term improvements in the educator workforce. TAP is cited as a model for states and districts that are designing and implementing alternative compensation systems to enhance teacher effectiveness.

Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers: One Union’s Commitment to Changing the Status Quo

Center for Teaching Quality [CTQ] and the National Education Association [NEA]   |   September 2009

Jointly released by CTQ and NEA, this report highlights strategies to identify and develop effective teachers and to recruit and retain them for high-need schools. Part of NEA’s $6-million “Turn Around for Great Public Schools Initiative,” the paper outlines four recommendations to transform high-poverty schools: 1) recruit and prepare teachers for work in high-need schools; 2) take a comprehensive approach to teacher incentives; 3) improve the right working conditions; and 4) define teacher effectiveness broadly, in terms of student learning. TAP is cited as an example of a comprehensive approach to compensation reform.

Achieving Teacher and Principal Excellence: A Guidebook for Donors

Philanthropy Roundtable   |   September 2008

This guidebook provides philanthropists a solid grounding in the nature of the human capital challenge; it distills the best advice from pioneering donors in the field, while exploring the current landscape, most effective interventions and opportunities for donors seeking to achieve an excellent teacher and principal for every child.

Effective Teachers in Every Classroom

Strong American Schools, ED in ’08   |   2008

This briefing discusses the problems with the way teachers are treated in America and introduces some of the innovative solutions state and local leaders across America are using to put effective teachers in every classroom.