How Teacher Leaders Inspire the Next Generation of Teachers

May 18, 2023

How Teacher Leaders Inspire the Next Generation of Teachers

In a time of recruitment and retention challenges, how do we inspire the next generation of teachers?

Seeing someone in the role of teacher who has opportunities to grow and learn, take on new responsibilities, build their career, work collaboratively with colleagues and – most important – to impact students, is an inspiring role model. Teacher leaders provide a powerful role model for the next generation of teachers, while also improving classroom teaching across their building. 

We recently sat down with Aimee Schade, principal of West Goshen Elementary School, to learn more about how taking on the role of teacher leader created greater impact and opportunities for her, and how her career path has evolved from that opportunity. 

Watching her success along the way was her daughter Hannah Harry-Schade. Hannah watched her mom receive support and coaching as a teacher before moving into a teacher leadership role–showing Hannah what teaching could look like in a supportive environment. Hannah is now a teacher in her own right and shared with us how support and the option of a career path reinforced her decision to enter the profession.