What Does Student Ownership Mean to Students?

July 14, 2021

What Does Student Ownership Mean to Students?

Middle and high school students were joined by NIET CEO Dr. Candice McQueen to discuss what student ownership of learning means to them and what teachers can do reach this level of depth. The panel opened NIET's two-day 2021 National Summer Institute.

Featured on the panel are:

Dr. Candice McQueen, NIET CEO
Alyssa Biela, Somerset High School, Somerset ISD, Texas
Gabby Martinez, Landry High School, Algiers Charter School Association, Louisiana
Logan McCleese, Perry Meridian High School, Perry Township Schools, Indiana
Ricardo Medina, Somerset Junior High School, Somerset ISD, Texas

"A big part of student ownership is taking the initiative to better yourself," said McCleese. "That is the student wanting to do better, wanting to improve and wanting to learn. The second part of that is student involvement, such as voicing our opinions here on how we'd love to be taught. Every school is different, every student is different, and personal application is super important."

"Student engagement reflects what students are doing and understanding about their learning," Dr. McQueen said. "When students own their learning, they know how to apply their learning in different contexts and take responsibility for their progress."

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